The art of savouring tea is not just about a perfectly brewed cuppa, it’s also about the tea-ware that add to the experience. There is something about sipping tea from a handmade ceramic mug.The joy of holding a piece of earth.

The feeling of gratitude to the potter. The perfect temperature of warmth that you feel in your palms. The way fingers comfortably embrace its smooth contours. It adds to even mundane morning tea drinking ritual when the cup is not just perfectly functional but also a handmade objet d’art – like the cups and mugs made by the artisans at Anupama Jalan’s pottery Studio.

They are often the conversation starters. Unique shapes and glazes, often inspired by elements of nature, Aanupamaa Jalan Clay Magic’s stunning cups, mugs and complimenting bowls and platters stand out and look class apart.

Her pottery adds a dash of happiness to your time, whether it’s your regular morning cup of chai or a ceremonial tea party. Her collection of tea cups and accompanying tableware create an experience like no other tea-ware.

From minimalistic to contemporary to ornamental, you will find a wide range of handmade cups and mugs in her collection. View the collection online at or visit the beautiful studio at 9, Alipore Road, Alipore, Kolkata to shop for some handmade clay magic.

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