An article in The Guardian declared that Kolkata’s tea is the best street tea in India. If you are lover of hot brewing milky roadside tea, you can’t miss the cutting chai at the Ganges.

The cutting chai is true essence of drinking tea on sidewalks of Kolkata which has now become a global craze. An ideal leisure time in Kolkata can comprise of a stroll along the Ganges River at Princep Ghat, savouring the nature along with hot tea and munching some chanachur. Even if you visit the place alone you won’t feel lonely as the cutting chai will give your soul a warm hug and the Ganges will always give you company silently. There are hosts of tea stalls on the walkway alongside the river, where you can have a cup of tea brewed the way you like it and just sit on a bench nearby and watch the river on its journey to the destination. Perfect way to spend some moments in solitude.

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