White tea

Doomni is perhaps one of the very few tea estates in Assam which produces this last word in tea finesse. This tea is all long-silver tips, with a subtle sheen like ‘angel’s hair’. The uniformity, size and chunkiness of tips from DOOMNI WHITE TEA are mind boggling to the tea aficionado.

White Tea is known to be the rarest form of tea, and are also widely reputed to have health improving properties. The fresh leaves undergo only two processing operations, in a rigorously natural fashion: withering and drying – a vital ingredient to retain Anti-Oxidant properties.

In January, 2018, ‘Doomni Silver Needles’ was sold at Rs. 8561/kg – highest ever price for any Assam tea sold via Auction in India.

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Long, silver tips with velvety feel due to the pubescent downs retained due to careful processing.


Bright and very even.


Pale straw with an old-gold hue.


Amazing balance. This is a complex aroma – fresh, slightly sweet and possessing a light and delicate bouquet.


The immediate sweet flavors in the first contact envelopes the tongue and completely fulfils the expectations created by the nose. The mouth feel is cool to the palate and the overall experience, clean and satisfying.