Orthodox tea

The segment where Doomni Tea Estate positively excels at; and has made a huge impact on the way that 21st century Assam orthodox teas ought to be made. Consistently an out-performer in every Auction, it is here that both the abundance and richness of Doomni’s chunky tips are best visible.

The selection of Murmuria-120 / Panitola-126A / Nokhroy-436 clones make our production noteable for their high proportion of golden tip.

A regular award winner, the Doomni Orthodox Teas are very flavoury, yet strong, and come with a terrific bouquet. The notes of caramel and chocolate allow a beautiful rich finish.

This is the Grand Cru which can be drunk as an excellent substitute for coffee in the morning; or as a late afternoon beverage carrying its very own deliciously sweet taste.

Doomni Orthodox Teas – come, taste both the sun and the moon …

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