Tea is like a life elixir for Indians. They drink tea from morning till evening because it keeps them fresh, awake, socialized and happy.

At Jivraj 9 Tea Group, we are buying Doomni Tea from last 15 years or more. From my Grandfather days, we used to buy Doomni tea as it enhances our Tea Packet quality.

Doomni Tea Estate gives you a premium experience as you take in the aroma of the brew of its finest tea. Its Exotic fragrance and Distinct taste is sure to give your senses, a phenomenal experience.

Doomni Tea is known for its Sweetness, Body, Strength, Infusion, Appearance, which are the characteristics of good quality Tea.

If I have to describe Doomni Tea Estate in one sentence, that will be ‘Quality In Every Cup’.

-Pathik Shah

Executive Director, Jivraj Tea Limited